Welcome to my Site

I am ALIVE and BEYOND grateful to be here shredding our stories of limitation. 
I had AIDS,  Now I am FREE.
I am humbly here to express through my music and creations that with LOVE anything is possible
and with a greater understanding of what it means to be a human BEing we may NOW thrive.

We can surmount AIDS and more.

Through faith, gratitude, service and forgiveness I realized more than AIDS, cancer, or even a fully debilitating stroke.

Today I am utilizing traditional and alternative practices to maintain a balanced life of service.

I am imperfectly perfect.
I am a Jedi.
I am a Ninja.

I AM not.



I am grateful to still be here shining through whatever means possible.
I have learned it is forgiveness, SELF-love, and devotion that allows full-body spectrum healing.

After having journeyed 20+ years with HIV/AIDS, Cancers, and even a stroke that occurred around my 44th birthday, 
I AM here to enlighten you.  I am 51 years young.

Have a look around the site and feel what resonates with you.
Qi Gong, Chanting, Singing and serving are instrumental to my daily balance, as well as mindful nutrition and HIV medicine and baby aspirin.  I employ a Holistic approach.

I am healthy and inspired to share my heART.

I am inspired to GIVE.

To help just one human suffer less gives my life meaning.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I have healed my AIDS.

All my gratitude and love for my husband Calvin Kalaf of 23+ years.  
He has held me in my darkest moments and shared our most heavenly times.
Also to my wonderful and supportive family, without whom I would not still be here. 

I was told in 1994 that  I would die of AIDS, and to only live "maybe another year" and this  was a heavy burden to carry.
Really heavy.  Did I say heavy?
But by grace I am still here today, and I am making the most of my life now, without AIDS.

I am not perfect.  I am perfectly imperfect. 

I deepen in gratitude and service daily as I ride this gift of life.

Many are suffering with dis-ease, and this crushes my heart.
I feel they need more knowledge to be empowered to become their own savior to know the peace within themselves.  
It is my hope that through sharing my ongoing story we will all will heal in the process. 
It is through expanding our limiting beliefs concerning what it means to be human being that WE raise out of our collective ignorance. 
Through LOVE, gratitude, forgiveness and perseverance we will overcome!  
We are realizing MORE.

Much of my early years of learning and unlearning may be found in my fist self authored book From Suffering to Soaring found online.


I chant alone and with my group:
TBD (To Bring Devotion) is an Orlando-based Kirtan group whose dharma
 is to bring people together in love and joy as we chant the Divine Names.

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