I am a beacon of love

Splendid moment to you all. Know you are strong, able, and more beautiful than you realize. Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. You are cherished as you now experience this incomprehensible gift we call life! Shine your unique love light! 🕉️💓🕉️ Jai Maa! Espavo Om Mani Padme Hum Ram Ram Ram Ram #tobringdevotion #hopeandhelp #Strokewarrior #longtimesurvivor #Compassion #grattitude #iwalkedmyhell

A poem for 11/7/2017

crumpled man AIDS rusted heart storm intensifies he sits yearns with earnest reality cracks open flooded incomprehensible unraveling now here

Mead Gardens Kirtan

Last night was sheer bliss amongst the wise trees and playful winds. To Bring Devotion chanted for almost 2 hours.  I am deeply humbled to have traversed deep hells to now be blessed in shining our love to all. Thank you creation. I love you.

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