Our evolving spirit shining through us as ONE HUEman.


Poemish Waves of is/was rips me asunder In imaginary cracks of dreaming thunder Swooning in the misery of bedazzled disease satisfying some disheveled thought in displease lashing the backs of enslaved dreams and trodding acid years from burning streams. A child steeps and watches petrified, hands cramped from grasping the whipping ride... Richard Schooping

Oh, riding the holiday Waves.

These holiday times birth such deep and quaking reflection in my soul and heart that I nearly lose it in each moment. It is not the best for me to look back, as my journey has been dire and tumultuous and eroding so far. This time 6 years ago I was gravely ill from a brain infection that attacked my entire brain and rendered me useless. Seeing the MRI of empty spots in my grey matter still haunts me, and hearing, and learning the word Aphasia. F#k that! I'm a warrior. I am more! I made it! AIDS, a stroke, depression, Cancers, and dying could not take me out!! I AM. I AM here NOW. I am love. I am. I am one. I love you. Let's party. Stay grateful, and be kind to yourself. Richard Schooping

Spreading HeART is my JOY.

6 years ago in 2011 I lost all motor and nerve function from AIDS.  Today I am able to create and offer Art of hope and love.  I feel so awake and grateful. These are some pieces from my new collection.  If this post is ever seen, I love you.

Today is World AIDS Day

Crawling through the depths of my soul shredded every limited idea and belief I ever knew. Surmounting decades of #AIDS revealed a strength and humility I never knew. Holding dying husbands in my arms illumined that we are more than the physical body, and that kindness and compassion is the way. Exploding open in stillness through years of meditation illumined the ONE we all are. Losing my body entirely from a brain infection/swell/stroke asked for even more trust and strength. We are awareness. Accepting every crash of wave so far has risen me over the storms to keep shining. We are beyond. #grattitude You can do it! It is done. Amen Aho! Espavo Jai Maa 23 year Survivor.

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