To Bring Devotion Kirtan

To Bring Devotion blissing-out together! Special gratitude to Jai Kartar Kaur and Sat Nam Wellness for being such gracious hosts🙏🏽💖🕉

Grand Re-Opening Gala of Hope and Help

The gala for the Hope and Help Center was a blast!  Everyone enjoyed our new building and clinic. Cal and I celebrated the evening and topped it off with this photo!

The Ocean is the Wave

The Ocean is the wave. It is the idea of being only a wave that creates the experience. I exploded into the ocean in a timeless nano second and it is true that I am aware of being a wave also, and this is maddening. But, the more we dive into serving the ocean, the less forgetful we are of the ONE. We are the ocean and the wave.

Our Healing Smile

If you can simply smile, it is a tremendous gift. Through the highest highs and the deepest lows if we can remain neutral, we eventually balance. It has been decades of illness, Cancers, AIDS, and a mysterious brain infection that destroyed my body in 2011.... But remaining the witness, as much as possible, has given me the miracle to still shine and remain in my body. We are light. We are love. We are Spirit. We are eternal. You are perfect. Know your power. Embrace the moment. #hopeandhelp #compassion #warrior

Sovereign Healing

An integral root to healing is fully owning our situation; taking inspired action steps for our healing journey and reaching out while knowing that WE are sovereign beings. Realizing that we are light/energy/spirit, etc.. and not just physical matter. Instilling in the person that they are not just a name or the dis-ease, ultimately they need to know their own power. My healing of AIDS, a stroke, aphasia, you name it requires acceptance, grieving, depression, yoga, stretching, honoring the body, and most importantly no judgement as to why? One has to find the present moment. This has not been easy, but it is doable. Baby steps, no expectations. #noexpectations #thesaviorwithin. #yo

No Finish line, BE

I am grateful my body is continuing to strengthen. Today, it is a way of BEing, loving and stretching and opening this body temple. It is not work Nope, no goals for me anymore, that idea of a "finish- line" really screwed me up! The more I live for now, and not in my mind's idea of how it should, or could be, the more peace, and presence I experience. The mind attempts to distract, and I do get distracted. But I use my practice to remember. I know I am more. We all do, we just live in an age of chaos as we eternally bloom. People often ask how I have come through decades of AIDS, a stroke, death, mystical experience and more. The answer is this: It has been arduous and amazing ye

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