Miracle Monday

When I let Monday be without a mind story of "Mondays suck." , it is now open and free to express as any possibility. The more mindful I am, the more deep patterns get noticed and disolve.  Observe. Let's let Monday be a victorious Leap into the unknown. Namaste, Richard

The dissolution of the Victim

Wow! Experiencing the inner story I wrote disolve, when I was direly ill, of I" can't do this because of my stroke" is miraculous. I realize that the story of "I can't do this" is illusory also. The mind is an incredible tool. We build a ladder and a noose, it is our application that decides the journey. Now I feel less of a buffer between myself and this moment. The space occupied with victim stories is nearly gone. Now I see myself again, my life, And I love it! So blessed with this clarity. The mind is always trying to survive when the heart is always free. Point being: The inner mantra of "I can't" is dissolving. Don't stop loving yourself. #AIDS and Stroke Survivor Richard Schooping. N

Our Symphony of Love

I am 50 years old now. Having balanced decades of AIDS, a massive brain injury and more I know I exist to express and experience the interconnectivity of creation. We are strong. We are melody. We are one. This piece of art celebrates our unified dance. Stay hopeful. Namaste

Amazed at all of thIS

I'm not just me, I feel everything as ME. I feel our presence. It is driving me batty. I don't know anything. Trusting.

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