24 Hour Cinema

I have experienced everything as sound, as music, from as far back as I can remember.  I have seen pixels and sound vibration as color all my life. Also what we call "energy" I see. Going on Sunday drives all that passed by my eyes was experienced as rythmn and stories. The spaces in-between houses and trees were rests in the ever-sounding-symphony.  The stream of love. Each group of trees were a sound dependent on it's thickness and type and clumping. Telephone poles and power towers were like claps of thunder, or an accenting bass drum. I would here crescendo and decrecendos, swirling and swelling as songs all the time. Choirs sang low in constant as the backdrop. Across bridges, passing p

Letting it go NOW

I have been resting in my heart and discovering deep imaginations. A huge one is that instead of realizing all the beings I've experienced, teachers, Adyashanti when he was having small gatherings, Nick, bentinho, mooji many years ago, Shinto priests, strange teachers from india etc. Blah blah blah I mention this if you can relate. I needed the mystique and hero's journey. It was too simple for my mind to accept. Wow. So fucking stupid. We're simply showing me who I always am. My insecurities and confusion twisted up the experiences into I'm not there yet, not good enough, not enlightened enough to just be Richard. What B.S. We are home. We only fell into the idea of a mind. Also ha

Banana mash bowl. Easy vitality snack

It takes the simplest ingredients to make our own healthy snack. This is only one banana A spoon full of almond butter And a pinch of chia seeds. Simply mash in a bowl with a fork And enjoy with a spoon. Delicious.

Insights into the stroke/brain injury Richard Schooping experienced.

A Stroke or similar is a powerful experience to know ourselves. To deepen. To surrender. It is an expansion. A chaotic kaleidoscope. A poem of love. It is change. It is soul growth. Disentanglement. It is a gift or a curse depending on our belief. It is an opportunity to know more than what we currently know at the time. It is a metamorphosis. It is a shock! It is out of the blue. It is unplanned. It is bliss. It is void. It is bigger than our current story line. It must be met with self love and compassion to know the pearl of the experience. To realize victory. Peace of mind is victory. This multifaceted experience is an amazing insight into the depth and resilience of the soul. Our percep

The Outside is our Mirror

How we treat and experience the "outside" of us, nature, people, systems, etc... Is a direct corollary to our self awareness. When we have limiting beliefs, we project them on to nature.  We do not see the perfection of nature.  We attempt own it and fix it. We are less feeling, fragmented and careless in our stewardship. Silly. The balance. The eternal teaching of harmony is expressed and felt through an open heart. Love loves to love. Love listens. Love tends. Richard

Richard Schooping - Words of LOVE: Knowing the Still Point of the Heart

"Accepting your experience without denial to find the Still Point of the Heart." As I continue riding this miraculous healing journey I am sharing insights with my SELF. The message of this video is accepting and not denying any feeling, thought, or emotion. When I allow it to be as it is, I don't wrestle with the emotion and become ensnared in wanting perfection,or enlightenment, or any other illusory words. I Just sit in the heart. The Still Point. The mind will deny, debate and judge all feelings. This is endless. We have to love all that arises from the space of presence. Let every vibration be in your space. You are that Space. All dissolves in the knowing of awareness, in the still poi

Opening to the Present Moment (location irrelevant).

Okay, an insight to ponder is why do I only feel peace and calm in nature, out of cities or towns? We could also say in isolation. What is the underlying pointer here to realize? I want to expound on triggers at more depth by introducing lables. I realize I am talking to mySELF. The mind exists in an world of created lables. A manegerie of make believe. We don't need lables to exist. Obvious, right? The mind is comfortable attempting to organize and categorize everything, which we know is impossible. This incessant lableing takes energy and a story to support the lable, in addition a taxing illusory maze to traverse. Things just are. This knowing that defining is not required to simply be, p

Accepting Awakenings as the Dreams they Are.

It has taken so much practice remembering the present moment. To be able to allow my "awakening" experiences, no matter how grand they seemed, to reveal the dreams that they truly are. Distractions. When I do realize this from the present moment, they have less affect on me. I am less haunted. I am open to feel the glory of now. Awakenings overlay the now. Anything I am aware of melts in the space of awareness. Practicing this opens the heart's response.

Richard Schooping - Words of Love: The Importance of Emotional Triggers

On my healing journey, understanding and loving our" Emotional Triggers" is key to knowing ourselves . Finding the space in, and around our triggers lightens the body and mind and reveals the space we are. It also is an opportunity for deeper self love and reflection. Each time I reacted from a trigger created from a trauma, my body would go into a fight or flight mode. These tiny contractions add up! It is vital we understand how our energy and vibration works.

Everything arises within the space of me.

I am. I am not. I am a multidimensional being. I am more. I am less. I am shattered. I am whole. I am aged. I am ageless. I am HIV+. I did have a stroke. I live with pain. I live with illnesses, yes. But I am also aware that all experience arises and falls within the space of love. So, with this awareness all experience is embraced and cherished. I love this. I love you.

Opening to the BEyond moment.

As I continually practice accepting all that arises as a gift from source I flow more in gratitude and space. We are space. Letting the old dis-ease stories be just stories (energy), reveals the peace that always IS. Love is more than AIDS, a Stroke, Aphasia, Depression, Cancer, lables, form and formlessness. Love just IS. This beyond awareness opens up the moment to healing and more beautiful mysteries. I love you and wish you peace on your journey. 🕉️💞🎶

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