The dissolution of the Victim

February 9, 2018



Experiencing the inner story I wrote disolve, when I was direly ill, of I" can't do this because of my stroke" is miraculous.

I realize that the story of "I can't do this" is illusory also.


The mind is an incredible tool.


We build a ladder and a noose, it is our application that decides the journey.

Now I feel less of a buffer between myself and this moment. The space occupied with victim stories is nearly gone.

Now I see myself again, my life,

And I love it!

So blessed with this clarity. 


The mind is always trying to survive when the heart is always free.


Point being:
The inner mantra of "I can't" is dissolving. 


Don't stop loving yourself.

#AIDS and Stroke Survivor Richard Schooping.



Ah Ho

Hari Bo



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